What You Should Ask From SEO Company While Choosing

What you should ask from SEO company while choosing

We know that now a days SEO is very important for the online business. There are so many SEO experts and agencies available. The best thing you ever do for your business is choose the right SEO agency. When you choose the right SEO agency, it will help you to rank your website.

With this post we provide some suggestions which help you to choose right agency.

You should know about the establishment of the company:

Firstly, you should know about the establishment of the company. With this information you should know about their background and experience of the company.

Also, you should know about the review of the clients which is present in the website. There are many sites which delete the negative review. If you want to check the testimonials are true or not, you may contact directly with the client.

How do they measure progress?

You should know about the rankings, traffic, and conversions of your website and What has been done each month. There are many SEO metrics that can be used to measure progress of the website. You should aware about the Seo Metrics.


Many SEO agency are not provide the transparency. They want to protect their methods. But transparency is important between the company and client. Because there are many contradicting information out there. You should check all the reports regarding the SEO work.

What services do you provide?

You should know about the service which provide by the agency. If they are offer you a full range of digital marketing services. Because, SEO alone cannot do much, you also need content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, ppc marketing and all the possible way which help to promote the business.

If SEO agency provide these all services than it is benefit for your business.

What results have they achieved?

If you want to know about the achievement of the Seo company, Check the testimonials and find the website of the person who left a review. Find their website and check the keywords which are in meta tags of the site. Then search in the google and see the ranking of the website.

Why should we hire you over other companies?

This is open ended question. According to the answer you should think about the agency to continue or not. Most of the company response like this way.

• We can show results in 1 week
• We are cheaper than other SEO Companies

Always remember one thing that good company cannot provide the quickest ranking boost.