What was Impacted By Google March 2019 Medic Update


The first official Google algorithm update of 2019 has arrived! With it, of course, comes much validation over its enormity as well as what comfortable and sites were the most impacted. However, just how big was this update compared to the Medic Update? Were YMYL sites targeted?

What is Medic Update?

With the Medic update, Google changed the significance of its algorithm’s core ranking factors. This is the overall framework for how your content gets ranked in search results.

When algorithm changes come, there can be a lot of early speculation. Is it a link-based algorithm change? We don’t like to dive into algorithm change analysis too early. Instead, we prefer to wait a couple of weeks to gather complete pre and post-algorithm change ranking and traffic data to analyze. We do this for several reasons:

Changes in ranking:

It’s important to note that pages were affected across a variety of sites and no specific niches were targeted directly. The “MEDIC” update was not meant to target health sites.

  • Optimize Your Content and Link Profile
  • Optimize & Improve Important Consumer Pages
  • Additional Factors to Improve for the Medic Update

Now here is where the Google makes a statement about what it means to be hit by an algorithm update. He says it’s about your content. If you’re hit with an update that means Google doesn’t feel your site is relevant. Because if you feel like you’ve been hit by an algorithm, then that probably means Google doesn’t feel like a lot of content on your website, is not very relevant.

How to Recover from Google Medic:

Focus on quality content

Quality and evergreen content is what leads to high traffic on almost any kind of website.

Check Google Analytics to see drastic traffic drops

The impact of the Google Medic Update can be tracked using Google Analytics, as it monitors your traffic in real-time.

Update old content

Along with providing more detailed content, it is also worth looking into past content and giving them a much-needed update.