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"Mangat and his team are excellent they go the extra mile so your project is perfect, noticing when graphics supplied arnt good quality, fast responses more I shall be using you guys for more clients projects."


"Mangat is a consummate professional; smart, personable, visionary and driven. He has a great sense of humor and is fun to work with. His respect for the people around him makes Mangat a unique Leader in any organization. He is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to deliver quality services to clients. Mangat is a very effective business leader."


"Mangat is one of the most creative talents I know. He’s an idea guy who actually takes it to the streets. He and his company are an extension of my practice, a necessary part of managing my E-Commerce website. I have remained impressed with his level of expertise, quick follow-up, and resourcefulness. I would recommend Mangat to anyone looking to improve their shopping portal and IT consulting."


"Mangat is a very driven young web master, who excels quickly in anything he sets his mind to. He has done great work as a web partner for me for the past couple of years and he is one of the most action oriented web partners I have. If you want to work with a visionary that acts upon what he sees as being possible, then you want to work with Mangat."


"Among his various strengths, I have worked with Mangat in the area of Digital Marketing. His Superb Networking & Strategist Skillset is pure genius! Mangat is someone you want on your side! Highly Recommend!"


"We have worked with Dhiman for almost two years. Many more to come hopefully. Fun, easy to work with and productive are words which I would best describe the relationship. He is also someone I now consider a friend."


"Mr Singh is a real gem of a person, who is both passionate and knowledgeable about everything he touches. I haven’t done any business with him yet but we had thorough discussions about how website world works. I appreciate every opportunity I have to interact with him at 4Networking meetings, and always leave each meeting a little bit smarter, and wiser."


"Singh is one of the top web professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years. He will go the extra mile to ensure the customer’s needs are met and will help in designing concept till client not approve it through unlimited revisions and unique solutions to accomplish that goal. He is a master strategist and has the ability to see from 30,000 feet while keeping his feet on the ground enabling him to oversee the entire scope of website. He follows through with each relationship to build a strong two-way relationship with each client throughout the life of the relationship. He’s an outstanding, proven leader who’d able to build strong, effective teams in any situation. He is easy to work with, hard working, creative and bright."


"If you’re looking for an all-around expert at website development, Mangat is your guy. He did a fantastic job for me, particularly in terms of woocommerce implementation on my website and I was quite impressed with his and his team’s knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend him and will most definitely work with him again in the future."


"I often amazed at Mangat’s ability to take an idea and make it into an opportunity. He have this wonderful way of seeing the end result in a project and making the path needed to make the job a success. His integrity is among the highest I have had the pleasure of seeing in action. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a solid partner to work with. I consider him a friend as well as an associate."


"Mangat has been supporting me with my Magento website since June 2013. My work life balance has significantly improved as a direct result of the expert service provided by Mangat. It feels fantastic to work with someone that is totally confident, very experienced and operates in a friendly professional manner at all times. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with aniwebdesigns team."


"It is my pleasure to recommend Mangat, he is a highly qualified and trained web professional, ethical and an endless worker. While he finds solutions to obstacles presented in transactions, he is proactive, foresees problems before they arrive and recommends a strategy. Mangat is an outstanding negotiator and has great people skills, he is a leader and is involved in multiple activities at the same time, yet he manages to take good care of business and his clients. It has been a pleasure having him on my team for 2 years now and so far we have developed all web projects successfully."


"I had the pleasure of working with Mangat and his team when he did my website, social media, and marketing campaign for my company. Mangat is instantly likeable, highly professional, and the expertise and results he delivers is second to none. I would highly recommend Mangat to anyone wanting to achieve great results for their company."


"Working with Mr Singh was a pleasure, he produced the artwork for our national conference brochure and did a great job. I found him very helpful with suggestions, available for consultation when I needed him with a good level of attention to detail. I will definitely work with him again in the future if I need to."

Perfumeitaly.com, David Hudson

"Mangat created a detailed website development plan for my family run company, taking the time to get to know our business and understand what we hoped to achieve. After thorough consultation he put together a comprehensive overview that has been very valuable. Thanks Mangat and aniwebdesigns team, a real pleasure to work with you all."

shop.todayiscool.com, Carlos Cordal

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