Steps To Successfully Start An E-Commerce Website

Steps To Successfully Start An ECommerce Website

E-Commerce is an electronic commerce or can say commercial transaction that consists transfer of information across the internet. Selling or Buying of goods and services.

Types of e-commerce business:

  1. B2B-(Business-to-Business) Transaction between one company and another.
  2. B2C-(Business-to-Consumer) Transaction between companies and consumers.
  3. C2C-(Consumer-to-Consumer) Transaction between individual consumers.

There are some other types i.e C2B(Consumer-to-Business), B2A(Business-to-Adminstration), C2A(Consumer-to-Administration).

Follows Steps Below To Start E-Commerce Website:

  • Choose Product To Sell: Before choose product you have to research to make sure that your product is viable. Is there already a market out there for your product or not? If, yes then will you able to compete on pricing to your competitor? Also, get a certification for your product to build a trust of customers that which product they are buying that product is certified.
  • Domain Name Registration: Choose domain name according to your desire. It must be unique.
    After choosing domain name, Create or Select a logo for your business. We’ll show you a several options for creating great logo to your business.
  • Choose Your Web Hosting : If you are really serious to run your online store longer, choose a dedicated hosting plan which provides more programming flexibility to run your online store. Make sure hosting company that you choose, gives you right support at the right time.
  • Choose Software Platform: Magneto will make it easy for you to list your products, set your price, and add a shopping cart to the website. They take care of ensuring the process is intuitive for both you and your customers, so you can just focus on selling.
  • Setup Merchant Account: It is one type of bank account in which bank allow businesses to accept payments in multipleways such as debit or credit cards.
  • Research Shipping Costs and Provide Service: There are multiple shipping services. Choose from range of easy-to use packaging options to fit your business needs.
  • Add Product: Add a product on your site with optimize image, accurate info, pricing, description of product and its specifications.
  • Launch: After testing website will successfully launch. Actually, it is a combinations of several checklists for launching. After launching, AniWebDesigns will support you fully and to make sure orders, payment, shipping work perfect along with other functionalities.
  • Social Media Marketing For Your Business: Need to grow your business on all social medias. Spread new for launching your new business on all social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin. And don’t forget to give a backlink to your website on every social media account page.
To build any successful business you have a good business plan.