Improve SEO Traffic and Rankings After A Website Redesign

Improve SEO Traffic and Rankings After A Website Redesign

As we can see the any of the small business loss the traffic and ranking of the website which means loss the leads and sales of the business that effect the business. So we have to understand there are a few usual suspects to blame for the loss of traffic.

Here are some suggestion which help you to not lose the traffic and also to recover the ranking of your website:

Gathering information:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Date of launch
  • Website URL
  • Historic or alternative URLs
  • Historic keyword rankings (if available)


Analysis the traffic of your website by checking the Google Analytics and Search Console. In this you can check that drop of the traffic start for the day or week from the redesign of your website.

Look the following example which show the 90 percent traffic drop. This is done because they are failed to redesign properly. After this we do work on it to get back on track.


Your first port of call here should be Google Analytics:

Google Analytics > Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels

We can see an organic drop and other channels. This will help us to find the exact issue with the organic seo. And also the Google Search Console and keyword rankings help us to provide the confirmation about drop of the traffic.

Understanding the Losses:

Firstly understand the issue properly and than remove the issue. for this you should understand properly keyword rankings and pages that were most affected.


You can also check the historic ranking from some popular SEO tools can provide historic ranking data for analysis. If you have the previous report you can analysis where positions may have been lost.

Landing page traffic:

As we compare that which pages were generating the most traffic. After the redesigns of the website if the name of the page is change that also effect the traffic.

If the previous page or site have content and in the redesign website have not the content that means loss traffic.

If you want to compare before and after traffic in:

Google Analytics: Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages

In the large site, it can help to put this information in a spreadsheet which help you to match up the old and new pages for easy reference.

Usual Suspects:

In this your should know about some common mistakes which is done by the developer at the at time of redesign of your website:

  • Content Architecture
  • Changing Image names on pages
  • Changing Page URLs or Deleting Pages
  • Loading Speeds

When everything seems okay:

When you find that everything and find no error. You should take care about the following things:

Algorithm Change:

Check about the google algorithm when you launch your website. The Penguin Tool allows you to map your analytics reports to a timeline of all Google updates. Using this tool you can identify if your traffic drop lines up with a specific algorithm update.

SERP Changes:

Change in search engine page layout also impact on organic traffic.

Security issues:

if your website has been hacked or any security issue than google console provide the error message “This site may be hacked” or a “This site may harm your computer” below your URL. In this case google does not always get this though.


Firstly check that the analytics work properly and also make sure that all pages of your website tagged correctly and are reporting page views.

Getting Back on Track:

If you should find yourself in this problem than you should properly know about SEO and web design and carefully plan for a site migration to preserve our SEO.