Google is Rolling Out for its New Announcement on its 20th Anniversary

New Image Search Design Announced By Google

Google is more rolling out for its new announcement on its 20th anniversary. The company declares number of new search features in which some are new, some are expansions and some are “inspired by” the comptetitors. Now, images will display with caption in Google search results page.

Metadata Support:

Google include Creator and Credit metadata support with images. Title of the web page where image is published will be shown as the caption of the image. Adding more context to images will definitely give more information like it helps the audience to understand the web-page behind the image. This is also done with the purpose to keep in mind that may be the user find more relevant information from that site.

If you want to see the metadata fields just simply click on the “Image Credits” option with the image. Here you will see the creditor and creator details.

When someone asked that what if Google shows caption for image from publisher’s page instead of title tag then a Google spokesperson said, “Currently we use the web page’s title and nothing more.”

Spokesperson also said, “No changes to ranking for this launch. We already use a variety of signals from the landing page to help deliver the most relevant results possible for users.”

An Overview Of Changes To Image Search:

Include new creator and creditor support to image search.
Below the image thumbnail, URL of the image source is also added because a website plays important role for the user too.

Image thumbnails now show caption to the images in the search results.

Title of the web-page will be taken as caption of the image. So that user can find relevant information. New image based filters are included to the top of image search results page.