Reasons for Google My Business search queries don’t match with Search Console

Google My Business search queries

Google My Business:

Google My business is the tool for businesses and organizations to maintain their presence in Google Search and Maps. It is used to verify and tell the story of your business which helps the users to find your business.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you to monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results.

Here is the reason that why google my business search queries don’t match search console.

Google My Business launched the Search Queries in July of 2018, but they didn’t become available for everyone until the end of August.

UTM code:

UTM code is the code which is placed at the end of the URL to check the campaign name, medium and source.

As we know that UTM code is great way to see the results of your offline marketing and it use to separate the traffic by just adding into your website field in Google My business. Search console show the traffic from the google my business along with the organic traffic.

The result of this data helps you to know that where to spend more efforts since the two algorithms are getting increasingly different. These algorithms were related to on-site content quality more than backlinks.

There is a relationship between the sites that rank organically and listing that rank in the local results. But in this update it is not seen any relationship at all. If the sites had, organically increased that did not simultaneously have increased in local rankings and vice versa.

But if both organic and local are ranked, than two impressions will be counted by search console of your site. But you can break this by using UTM codes.

As we know that the Google my business is reporting on unique users and the search console is reporting on impressions. Both are extremely different.

According to Google’s Help Center, When your URL appears in a search result for the user it will record as impression.

When your business is appeared in the search result with or without the link of your website. When your listing show in the result without your website URL Google my business will add to the report. But Search Console won’t.

Let consider that, In the Google My business insights show the 10 unique users. But in the Google Search console it only Showed one impressed.

The reason behind this mobile searches mostly return 3-packs which don’t have the website field displayed.


Even some of the desktop searches also return 3 packs that show the images instead of website link.

desktop searches return 3-packsIn both the cases, Google search console will not reported as the impression but the Google My business will reported on search result.