Google Launched New Hotel Search Trends Planning Tool


Google launch the new design for the travellers. They introduce the new travel features that focus on travel planning and hotel bookings.

The new design uses a grid and card interface that shows hotel cards arrange by your search filter. You can change your date range, price ranges, review ranges and more. You can also filter down your search results on the map by zooming in and/or dragging the map around.

Here is the new designs looks:


Here is the look of the previous design:



Deeper pages: Here is what happens when you click into a specific hotel listing:

Deeper pages-specific hotel listing


Now wait that how this change will effect to booking and the traffic of the hotel.

Once you start booking a trip, these results will also include information about your bookings and additional information based on this data.

Here is the look of new designs in mobile:

The page will also show you hotel deals, though that’s more of a lead-generation tool for Google Maps’ hotel search feature, which many people probably don’t yet know about.

Google My Business new designs looks


Once you have decided on a destination, Google’s new hotel location score can then help you find the neighborhood that’s best for you. The score summarizes information like nearby bars, landmarks and access to public transportation based on data from Google Maps. It’ll also tell you how to get to and from the airport, which is a smart addition.

On October 31st, Google officially announced this on their blog citing these as new features:
  • Photos from the hotel or fellow travelers
  • Hotel information, such as neighborhood and location
  • Hotel reviews from around the web that can be searched by keywords like “air conditioning”