Don’t Ignore These 6 Mistake While Redesign Website

6 Mistake While Redesign Website

Most companies redesign their website every year. Because the technology, trends and the expectation of the user change over time. Redesigning of the website is important because everyone wants to update their site on the same regular basis.

But when we redesign the website many things can go wrong during this task and also done some mistake that majorly effect on the website ranking and traffic.

Here are some points that help you to avoid SEO disaster when redesigning your website.

Content Architecture:

Sometime the content is the responsible for achieving the ranking in the search engine. But when you rewriting the content you may loss few viewer which will result in a dramatic drop in traffic from search engines. In website redesigns, when the amount of text is reduce, its also reduce the keywords that can be used for driving the website traffic.

Changing Image names on pages:

Change the name of the image may also cause a loss of ranking. Many time the client hires the webdesigner who doesn’t understand SEO. They replace the old images with the new images and use the unrelevant images name that provide zero SEO value.

Loading Speeds:

When you redesign the website you shouldn’t increase the loading times of the pages by adding objects and images. You should check the loading speeds in many platform. Actually redesigning is the perfect opportunity to re-code the page and improve the loading time.

Changing Page URLs or Deleting Pages:

During the redesigning, many web designers change the name of the webpages or delete the webpages. Sometime those pages may already rank well in the search engine. Some of the page may be bookmarked by users.

Most important factor of the ranking is the user experience and it create the negative user experience when anyone clicking on those links will be resulted by a 404 error page. With this mistake you will lose all your SEO value coming from those links and you will face the huge loss of ranking in Search engine.

For delete or remove any webpage a 301 redirect should commonly used. A 301 redirects send site visitors to a different URL of the website.

Check everything and perform a complete function:

After the redesigning of the website, you should review all the pages to make sure that all the pages are work properly.

You should take care about the following things:

  • E-commerce functionality
  • Analytics
  • Contact forms
  • Tracking pixels
  • Dynamics ads
  • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Interactive tools
  • Multimedia players
  • Search capabilities

Reconfigure WordPress and plugins after migration to the live server:

When we migrate the client’s website to the live server. Mostly we forget to uncheck the box in Yoast SEO that told search engines not to crawl or index it. This will dropped the website from Google index.

How the search engine treat you website you can check the configuration of wordpress and any plugin after migrate the website to the live server.

This includes plugins for:

  • SEO
  • Redirection
  • Sitemaps
  • Schema
  • Caching