Check Out Important Tools For Seo

4 Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using

Google announce the new algorithm time to time. But some SEO tools remain be same which are useful for our website. Check out some important tools for Seo. These tools are fast, free, and easy-to-use. These tools help you to maintain your site. It is important to have the right tool for your website and ranking.

Google Analytics:

Google analytic is the most popular tool. This tool saves your work efforts. It helps you to collect all the information. You can access all the report. With this tool you can implement the strategies to improve the performance of the website. Google analytic provide you the detail report of the bounce rate and help to reduce the bounce rate. It provides the information about the social media platform, so you can easy target that social platform which catch the attention of the users.

Google Search Console:

Most important and helpful tool for the Seo. It helps to monitor the website. Google console is a service by Google which help you to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results. Also its help you to understand how Google works. It helps to crawl your site’s and to index the content.

Backlink Checker Tools:

Backlink tool is useful tool for the SEO. When one website links to another is called backlink. Backlinks are usually categorized in two ways: Dofollow backlinks and no follow backlinks. It will help to increase the ranking of your website. It depends how many quality links you have. There are some useful backlink tools. SEMRUSH, AHrefs, OpenLinkProfiler, BuzzSumo and many more.

Google Keyword Planner:

Keyword planner is the most powerful tool. Google keyword planner is also called Google Adwords keyword. Keyword planner, the focus is on maximizing your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign through: Searching for keywords, recommend you right keyword and also testing your current keywords.