Boost Your Presence With Google Adwords Campaign

Boost Your Presence With Google adwords Campaign

To lead the small business, google adwords is the great source. Google adword helps your business to seen by more customers and grow an online presence. Google AdWords is an online advertising service developed by Google to help marketers reach their customers instantly. We provide all the operation about the google adword. You should also know about the on page and off page SEO. Some function you need to know while generating campaigns are:

Google AdWords Campaign:

Create the account for the adwords in go to Now, you can create your first campaign. In this you can choose a campaign type and name. After this you can add your ad display location and you daily budgets. You should also link the google adwords with analytics which is used to see the overall performance of a website in various ways like Acquisitions, Demographics, Page Views, etc. in a graphical presentation. We provide you few steps to link the analytic. Firstly in your analytic account: Go on Admin and than Adwords Linking and Save with your 10 digit Adwords account numbers. Now your analytic is linked with the google adwords. Now, you can see how your campaign going on and its conversion rate.

Keyword Research:

This is the most important part in Google adword. You can add as many keywords which are relevant to your services, products or information you displaying in the campaign. You should also know about the keyword match types give you more control over what type of searches trigger your ads. There are four type of keyword match which include Exact match, Phrase match, Broad Match, Broad Match Modifier.

Negative Keywords:

To reduce the bounce rate and for the quality response for you should add the negative keywords. For better understand your add is about the product and service but not about jobs. You can add job keyword in negative keywords.

After choosing the keyword you should write the title and description which tell you all the details about your product and service. Also don’t provide the phone number and address as it disapproved by google. You can also run the different campaign for the different service. So the if the service is not long provided you can stop that ads without affecting other ads.


There are two segment in this Manual Cost Per Click and automatic cpc. In manual cpcp you can set your own maximum cost-per-click (CPC) for your ads. You can search best bids and bidding price from keyword Planner. In Automatic CPC, even if your keyword bids fluctuates, your adword will address it automatically.

Ad Extensions:

Various extensions in adword are Call extensions, Site extensions, Location extensions, Review Extensions, and more. This is also important part. It cannot cost you extra. And also it can help you to increase the visibility, landing page. You can also add your number which is unable to write in the title and description.

Ads copy:

You can save your time by copying your existing ads, ad groups, keywords and campaigns. This will improve your quality score and helpful to reach or maximize goals.